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How the NeverEnding Story Came to Be


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Have you read the Never-Ending Story? Let me first tell you the gist of the incredibly, highly imaginative, Neverending Story: The Neverending Story, a fantasy novel written by the prolific German novelist, Michael Ende, was published in 1979. In 1983, Ralph Manheim, an American translator of German and French Literature, translated the novel into English. The story was made into a movie in 1984 and went on to win the coveted German Bambi National Award, as well as numerous other notable awards. THE NEVER-ENDING STORY A boy named Bastian is neglected by his father after the death of his mother. Due to his strange ways, he is bullied in school. One day while trying to escape from some bullies, Bastian runs into a bookstore, owned by the cantankerous Coreander. There he bumps into a book named, The Neverending Story. Curious about the story, he steals the book and reads it while hiding in the school’s attic. Here’s a never-ending story that will take you into another world of imaginings. THE STRANGE LAND OF THE STRANGE BREED There was once a girl who lived in a strange land. It was a land filled with magic and mystery. Among the people who lived there were those of a strange breed. They loved the dark instead of the light and thrived among the shadows. They were people of two colors, two minds, and two characters. Like a chameleon, they changed their colors according to their surroundings. On one hand, they thought like a human, and the other like that of a beast. Every time the sun came up, the people behaved as humans do. They worked their fields, did their chores, and portrayed a respectable facade to the outside world. However, when dusk fell, heard throughout the land were murmurs of a fearful sect. This book will take you to the crossroads of fiction and non-fiction, both of which will capture your imagination.

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