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Faith in Love


Book Type: Print & Digital


FAITH in LOVE - A flash flood unearths a strange mystery.A young girl, unloved by her parents, finds love in her animals until she met her loving future husband. They'd had very different upbringings on the farms they grew up on. Why did she leave, she had everything? A flash flood unearths a strange mystery in a wood, for the police to solve. They were hampered by a lack of evidence until years later when DNA forensic science was established. Will the police detectives find the missing pieces to this complex 'jigsaw puzzle' of a crime. The lost years reveals an unusual tale of betrayal, restrictions, fear and lies.


This book is made up of a lot of stories the author has heard throughout her life, some are her own memories and there are many which are the product of her imagination! It is a fast paced murder mystery about a story of a naïve girl growing up and finding out the world was a very different place to what she had imagined! Dare Rogers rated it 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon USA. This book is unique and cleverly crafted!! Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2020 I was so taken with author Glenis Kellet’s other two books (The Village Narcissist and Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable), that I just had to read her first novel, Faith in Love. I was at first put off by the title of the book, but I shouldn’t have been. The story is unique and cleverly crafted. Faith in Love is not an ordinary novel; it is so much more than the title suggests. It’s the story of a young woman, Emily, searching for her place in this world. A place where she can be safe, loved, and feel that she belongs. But there is a shadow over her life of which she is unaware, and the darkness casting that shadow is stalking her. It all started with a flood. Nature unleashed its fury on the nearby woods and the aftermath threatens to uncover a gruesome, decades old secret that won’t be solved until available technology improves. Is there such a thing as true love? Emily believes it with all of her heart and is willing to endure unimaginable obstacles to find it. Two men come into her life and play pivotal roles in her development as a person and in her acceptance of the situations she finds herself in. One of them seems to be the devil himself, and the other in a bizarre, twisted way is her salvation. With her child like innocence, I wondered if she was emotionally ready to deal with a committed relationship. One that would soon become one-sided. I feared for Emily as I read each page, remembering her upbringing, which did little to prepare her for adult relationships with men. You won’t be able to put this book down once you begin reading. There are more twists and turns than the Dragon’s Tail (On the North Carolina border). And, if you’re like me, once you’ve finished reading Faith in Love, you’ll want to read the other books by this talented author.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781913179069

Edition: 1

Publisher: Glenis Kellet


Language: English

Pages: 173

Interior: BW

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About The Author

I've mainly worked in agriculture, I've own/managed a thoroughbred stud and a coarse fishery. I draw on this experience to write exciting fast-paced easy to read books. I've written 4 exciting fiction novels - Faith in Love, Falsely Accused of the Unthinkable, The Village Narcissist and Lethal Revenge.

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