Tales from the Sea: Across the River


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** Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon for 90 minute reads ** What price are you willing to pay to become rich? As you work hard day in and day out only to see the rich get richer and help their friends and other rich people get ahead as you seem to only get poorer by the day. For Jacob, he has finally had enough of being knocked down and passed up. He wants what he feels he deserves no matter the price. But is the price going to be too much to pay? Reviews: "Sure to be an instant hit as the author connects real life with the paranormal" Haunted Weekly "Love how it has a classic feel going back to they original Grimm Brothers." Old World Mag "Surely to become a classic as it shows how many people in the world feel." People

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Night Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 53

Interior: BW

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