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Weaver's Tale


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A thousand years ago, Araack Kniid had a great life, good friends, and an enviable social position. Then everything turned to ruin. He bought a lie, lost his king, and barely held onto his small kingdom in the Netherworld. The tenuous thread of his life doesn’t unravel only because his honor won’t let him renounce his oath. His friends keep him stable. He follows a prophecy with one hope, that his liege will return. The lie he purchased came with interest he’s been paying for centuries. That one lie has tainted every aspect of his existence This is the convoluted tale of how a warlock spider shifter regains his confidence in himself, seizes control of his destiny, and bonds his choice of a slave as his queen, finally eradicating the claim that a thousand-year-old lie held over his life. Steamy PNR Urban Fantasy 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates ***Warning: Explicit sexual scenes, adult themes, fantasy violence. Intended for a mature audience.

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Not who everyone thinks she is. The product of someone’s imagination. The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out. Do not buy the lie. If you live in fear, you give up freedom. Taking the risk and making the leap. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water. Walk away and leave it all behind. Telling the story that haunts a fantasy. Catching a dream. She does not exist. -Ophelia Kee

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