The Forbidden Daffodil


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A story revolves around girl named Inaya who had spent horrible days in an abusive relationship because of her heartless husband. One day the mafia leader Carlos broke into their house in search for her husband David and kidnapped her in order to get him. Unaware of the real facts of her actual miserable life Carlos left no stone unturned to make her life hell at the beginning. Will he be the same monster to torture her? Will she ever be able to leave this mafia? Or Carlos would kill her for his vengeance? Or situation would be change this time, gifting her a new life to lead peacefully.


"Is she his whore?" "No, She is his wife." He regretted passing the information when the facial expression of their Boss changed. The only link to reach the traitor would be her only. "Enjoy the meal boys and don't forget to cut down her every part before throwing her into the burning mansion." She thought the death as her escape but found herself in the clutch of another monster because of his husband's betrayal. What she didn't know, was the sin that would be committed by her too. Entangling herself in a forbidden love with another man even being married. An end of her torturous life opened another sinful path for her to take. The desire took its turn. Will she accept this life or make herself free from every possible shackles she had? Copyright © 2020-2021 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)

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