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Wizards and Grotesques


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Wizards and Grotesques River Livingston and Hector D’Artigen are cousins born with the ability to cast spells and ‘see’ the magic of the dream. The two cousins learn and practice their gift with their grandfather until he passes away and they must keep their abilities secret. When they stumble upon two female shifters, Tequila and Absinthe, whose magic is anything but right due to one of Peter Elliot’s nefarious works, the two young wizards vow to aid the girls who draw them in. Noblesse Oblige lives in the souls of two young men who have found their lifemates broken. Follow River Livingston’s escape from Phoenix in Part 1 and Hector D’Artigen’s escape from the Wizard’s Circle in Part 2. Draoithe might be home for a while, but Eaglafonn has a hold on the two wizards when the Demon King, Alexio Asmodai offers to heal the two girls. Steamy PNR 18+ HEA! NC! Fated Mates Urban Fantasy ***Warning: Adult Themes, Fantasy Violence, and/or Explicit Sexual Situations. Intended for a Mature Audience.

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Not who everyone thinks she is. The product of someone’s imagination. The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out. Do not buy the lie. If you live in fear, you give up freedom. Taking the risk and making the leap. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water. Walk away and leave it all behind. Telling the story that haunts a fantasy. Catching a dream. She does not exist. -Ophelia Kee

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