Fate-Bound: A realm killer Prequel Novella


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The son of an English nobleman will struggle with the monster inside him. He will flee from a life of privilege and search for purpose in his cursed life. An Amazon and Faeling work for a shadow organization to police the supernaturals and keep the mundane world safe. Three angels walked away from Heaven to live amongst mortals. Rogues, forever banished from home, but not fall. These lives all travel their on paths through the passages of time. Each serve their own purpose, fighting for their own cause. None of them could have imagined the bonds that would form, the losses felt, or the enemies they would contend with. Slowly but surely, the threads of their lives will etch closer and closer. In time these threads will intertwine, their fates bound to each other by a nameless child. * Fate-Bound is a prequel novella introducing you to the Realm Killer series and some of the sacrifices made before it. So grab your copy and take your first steps into the gritty world of magic that is the RKverse!


Simon sat alone in a bar on the outskirts of Bamberg, Germany. It was 1902 and over two decades had passed since he had last seen his family. The macabre scene, on an otherwise beautiful Summer morning, had permanently stained his vision. The broken cries of his father. The tortured screams of his mother still clawed at his soul. The bloody shreds of Elizabeth’s dress, her body hidden by the bloodstained corpse of her disemboweled horse, Buttercup. Through the horror of it all, Simon thanked God for not allowing him to see what remained of Elizabeth. He had observed the heartbreaking scene from the cover of the tree line. Knowing what he’d done made it impossible to face his parents. Simon had run, naked and crying, back to his secluded stable. There, he had cleaned his sister’s blood from his body and rode Pumpkin as far as the horse could take him. For years, he had sent letters home to his mother. It was his fault she was without one child. He couldn’t stomach her losing both by thinking him dead. She always wrote back, believing her son was off traveling to deal with his grief. And—in a way—he was. Simon’s grief and guilt banged each other senseless and had a love child, self-punishment. A life of empty connections and mental isolation. He travelled the world, too afraid to stay in one place for too long. The struggle to control his beast had eased. All he had to do was direct its rage, which was especially true during full moons.

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C. L. Brown is an Indie Author and the creator of the Dark Urban Fantasy series, Realm Killer, and its connected Universe. His stories of magic & mayhem include creatures and beings from around the world, from mainstream to obscure.

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