The Ice Cupid


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Shiloh Lane uncovers a world of worlds unlike her own. She's a twenty five year old who begins to attend college only for everything to change. She falls into the realm of dark cupids during an odd history lecture. Her professor isn't the only one to bring up the topic. Nor does she think anything strange of it. She learns they're considered evil heavenly beings who are immoral and ungodly. She'll enlist the help of her cousins; Sasha Lerner and Salem Lively to figure out the truth. She ends up dragging them down a dark, scary rabbit hole upon yearning for the truth. A truth about the Serenity Falls college. She'll even come across the truth where dark cupids are concerned. Shiloh, Sasha, and Salem will bump into the five-- lovely, handsome, beautiful Ashmore brothers along the way. Shiloh won't think anything of it until a chill runs, deep in her bones. She makes a good detective with the help of her cousins. But, what happens when they dig too deep? Deep enough to come across the curse known as the soulmate mark?

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Book Type: Digital

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Publisher: Wattpad


Language: English

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Author of my debut novel-- Sweet Pea; among other titles. Ravenclaw. Female version of Dil Pickles. 💫

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