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Birdees and the bracelet of the five gods




Genres: Fantasy, History, Teen & Young Adult



Book Type:Print & Digital


"Birdees and the bracelet of the five gods" Is a young adults and teens historical fantasy novel based on real Egyptian kings and queens lived from thousands of years during the old kingdom, real prophecies, spells from the book of the dead, real schools of magic(temples), and a real villain; his name was deliberately obliterated from the ancient papyrus." The book is a mix of magic, adventure, time travel, mythical creatures, sense of humor, and historical facts. Doesn't contain bad language or erotica. Published traditionally in U.S.A, by Pen it! Publications, LLC Available paperback, and e-book(Kindle edition). You can purchase worldwide from the publisher website Or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ebay. Or you can Google the book title and purchase from the nearest bookstore to you


Beware what you wish for. Death is the end, but life goes on. The past shouldn't be messed with. Birdees is obsessed with her ancestor's history—ancient Egypt history. After her mother’s tragic death, her obsession grows more and more powerful. She refuses her ordinary boring life and her mind keeps living within the pages of the history books, fascinated by the mystery and magic of the past. But she will soon realize that the reason for her prodigious obsession is that an ancient legacy was left for her from thousands of years before. A burden she holds in her hand for years, unbeknownst to her, that it will bring her pain, suffering and the death of her beloved ones. Yet, she must protect her legacy with her life. It should never fall into the hands of the evil priest, Jed Didy, but must be passed to the rightful owners in order to survive. A historical fantasy novel based on real kings and queens, real prophecies, real spells, real battles, and a real villain; his name was deliberately obliterated from the ancient papyrus.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781954004443

ISBN-10: 1954004443

Publisher: Pen It! Publications ,LLC.


Language: English

Pages: 336

Interior: BW



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