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Love, treasure and intrigue awaits Lilly, Usha and Chloe as they battle for good against evil. Their secret powers remain, but for how much longer as they search for more clues on their island home of Alderney. Can the girls keep the Mafia at arms length as they struggle to master the art of Shamanic Journeying in their quest to find the Inca treasure. The world above and the world below are at war as our heroes struggle to prevent the unworldly strife overflowing into this, their world.


“Have you and Luis …” Chloe hesitated and she could feel herself blushing. “Have you had sex with Luis yet?” Lilly smiled and looked into Chloe’s eyes. “No, not yet. When I feel the time’s right I suppose, but it will be my decision, not his. Been close one or two times, but to answer your next question, I’m still a virgin. How about you?” “We was close last night. I mean, really close. Alex managed a bit of self control … Just. I really wanted him but he knows I’m not sixteen until he returns for a weeks break from college. It worked out okay for us though. His Mum and Dad turned up earlier than we expected and we only just managed to get our clothes back on before they came in the room … I didn’t have time for my bra so I stuffed it down the sofa and retrieved it this morning.” “Ha, turned out like your ice cream then!” “What?” Chloe glanced at her cone in her hand. It was all floppy and the ice cream was running down her hand. “Oh yeah, see what you mean.” Chloe giggled. “It needs your tongue round it.” “Stop it Lilly. Stop encouraging me.” The two girls were laughing hysterically as they were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a police car, siren blaring as it sped towards them and screeched to a halt outside the terminal building. “What’s this all about I wonder?” Chloe asked. Lilly shrugged her shoulders. The two front doors opened and Sergeant Peter Cordy and another local policeman stepped out. They immediately opened the rear doors to reveal Celia Perez, the local journalist, sat between two official looking guys. “Do you think they’re detectives?” Lilly whispered. “Could be I suppose.” Chloe shrugged her shoulders. “Plain clothes and all that …. Maybe?” The two officials pulled Celia from the car. She spotted the two girls sat on the bench and immediately scowled at them. “YOU BITCHES …. I won’t forget what you’ve done.” Celia continued to hurl abuse towards Lilly and Chloe as she was escorted into the terminal building by the two burly officials followed closely by the two policemen. “Someone’s not very happy with us,” Chloe said. “Serves her right.”

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Book Type: Print & Digital

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Pages: 199

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Born in Bridgnorth Shropshire in 1954, Richard Bowen moved to the beautiful Channel Island of Alderney in 1998. A former editor and self publisher of an 8-bit computer magazine and a writer of blogs. He now concentrates on writing poetry and fantasy adventure novels.

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