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The Curse Breaker: Beyond Blackwall


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In this ancient land of magic and beast, a forgotten battle rages between the gods themselves, and their children seek to destroy one another. Iro finds himself caught in the midst of this struggle, and must overcome loss, war, and hardship, as he pieces together a legacy left behind by his forefathers. The Curse Breaker: Beyond Blackwall tells the story of a world where forgotten gods and ancient magic reign, of a struggle where otherworldly creatures fight for survival, and of one ordinary boy’s incredible journey to become something extraordinary. He must answer the call, and become the curse breaker. This book is a dark fantasy about mythical creatures, and their struggles in a world with forgotten gods and ancient magic. The story has a strong focus on relationships between men, fathers and sons, brothers, and male lovers. It contains strong LGBTQ+ themes, some heavy language, violence, intense depictions of gore, some sexual situations, depictions of genocide, and nuanced adult themes.


Iro awoke disoriented, and started rubbing his eyes, adjusting them to the light that was blinding them. He remembered the horrors that had befallen him, and stuck his arms out at length, so that he might inspect his hands. To his astonishment, there they both were, intact, as they had been before. He turned them over, and observed them for a few seconds. “I must be dead, I must have… died in the cold,” he thought to himself. He looked around, and became even more unsettled by his surroundings. He started to believe he really was dead. There was a vibrant green meadow, with tall grass and strikingly bright flowers growing all round. Heat flowed down from a glowing sun, and between the weather and the flora, he surmised that, wherever he was now, it must have been summer. Slowly, he regained his senses, and began to notice a sound on the edge of his hearing, getting louder. It was the sound of music, the plucking of a lyre’s strings. “Now I am certain I have died, I have… never seen such things, or heard… such music,” Iro thought to himself. He marveled at the beauty of this place he was in for a while, then stood to his feet. He turned, and spotted the source of the marvelous sound. A woman sat on the edge of a stump of a tree, playing the instrument with great intensity, and skill. Her eyes were closed as she played, and she swayed back and forth to the rhythm she herself had set. She was a dog herself, though one of foreign features. Her coat was a blinding white, and she wore strange clothes, thin and bright in colours, an unusual sight among the earthen tones of the wintry garbs and furs Kynwrothans normally wore. He stood there, unwilling to interrupt the maiden’s beautiful song as she continued to play, unaware of his presence. Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him, and he began to blurt out questions. “Have I died? Is this the realm of the gods?” The strange maiden stopped playing, sat the lyre down gently to lean against the stump, and laid her hands, one across the other, in her lap. She opened her eyes and looked at Iro, and what he saw there made him uneasy. They were an unnatural colour, deep and red, as if filled with blood, and as Iro looked into them, he could feel them piercing through him like a sharp blade through flesh. “I was hoping we might never speak, certainly not this soon,” She said in a cold tone. She ignored his questions, and gazed into his eyes. “No plans are assured in the mortal world, in the realm of chaos, it would seem,” She stood as she said this, walking slowly closer to Iro, and as she did, the sky began to darken. “The children of the god of chaos, the dead that walk, they have betrayed my love. Know that one of them is your ally, he will reveal himself, when the time is right. I have placed a great deal of faith in you, and give all of what little influence I have, freely.” As she spoke, she turned away, and began to walk back to where she sat. The sky became dark and grey, and the sounds of brewing storms could be heard overhead. It began to pour down rain, picking up speed slowly, and Iro noticed that the rain was thick and red. He lathered it between his fingers, and brought it to his nose, to confirm what the substance was. The maiden, becoming drenched and covered in red, stopped in her path, and turned only slightly, before speaking again.

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