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Exercising the Demon


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Cristina and Lucy are a pair of sexy exorcists who have a unique method of performing exorcisms. They use intense sexual persuasion to force the demons out of possessed people. Cristina is tall and slender with the banging body of an athlete with firm perky tits and toned ass. Lucy is shorter and has thick thighs and bouncy humongous assets. She feels that her body is less sexy in comparison to Christina who despite being a mom, has the body of a model. Cristina slept her way through college and ended up in a foursome with her professors which has resulted in her having a child. She doesn’t know which of them is the father. The sisters are contacted by Phil whose roommate is possessed by a demon. They go dressed as slutty nuns, and meet Andrew at the apartment, who has been tied up by Phil. They set up their equipment and try to force the demon out of him before they realize that he is possessed by Succubus and requires intense ejaculation to be free from evil. They begin to engage in a steamy session, using their banging hot sexuality to turn his attention away from the demon and onto them. Once free from the demon, Andrew regains his sexual domineering instincts. He has intense, incredible sex with Lucy, banging the lack of confidence out of her before they are joined by Cristina who helps her partner reach new heights of ecstasy.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Pages: 18

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Trinity Zook has a dirty mind, and he’s dying to share it with the world. Don’t worry, it’s the kind of dirty you’d love. He doesn’t light up the room, so people don’t automatically take notice of him, but he’s got a really wild imagination, and that’s all the spark the world needs. Growing up on a constant diet of horror, science fiction, cartoons, and Britcoms, Trinity Zook is living proof that too much television will rot your mind. Now, he explores erotica with the curiosity of the cat, seeking out ways in which basic biological functions clash with the hot and steamy side of the paranormal to redefine ecstasy and voluptuous satisfaction. In case you’re wondering, Trinity Zook is perfectly human. He’s a forty-something-year-old guy living in Texas with two dogs.

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