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Monster Ménage


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Grace, a fascinating, nerdy, and calm blonde, finds herself interwoven in the reality a couple of books create. What she sees in front of her are just ordinary books, books constructed with simple words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and paragraphs. But when it gets dark, silent, and the world falls asleep, the mysteries and deep secrets trapped in these books come crawling towards her, turning her imaginations into reality. Love it or hate it, it is certain that her life will never remain the same. What will Grace do when she finds herself between two lusty monsters of her dreams?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Pages: 15

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About The Author

Trinity Zook has a dirty mind, and he’s dying to share it with the world. Don’t worry, it’s the kind of dirty you’d love. He doesn’t light up the room, so people don’t automatically take notice of him, but he’s got a really wild imagination, and that’s all the spark the world needs. Growing up on a constant diet of horror, science fiction, cartoons, and Britcoms, Trinity Zook is living proof that too much television will rot your mind. Now, he explores erotica with the curiosity of the cat, seeking out ways in which basic biological functions clash with the hot and steamy side of the paranormal to redefine ecstasy and voluptuous satisfaction. In case you’re wondering, Trinity Zook is perfectly human. He’s a forty-something-year-old guy living in Texas with two dogs.

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