Supposed To…You Are Supposed To Be Who You Are Supposed To Be


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Supposed To…You Are Supposed To Be Who You Are Supposed To Be eISBN 978-629-96522-0-5 Fixed Layout 29 Pages Full color It’s a true story BISAC Self Help/Personal Growth/Happiness Self Help/Motivational/Inspirational Biography & Autobiography/Personal Memoirs BIC : B Biography & True Stories Memoirs Apple Books Genre Health, Mind & Body Self-Improvement KOBO Nonfiction | Family & Relationships | Relationships | Marriage Nonfiction | Family & Relationships | Education Nonfiction | Health & Well Being | Self Help | Self Improvement | Motivational


Those moments that gave beautiful meanings, educated me, made me understand the questions I had on my mind. Why is life such? Why are things such? I came up with my own theories ~ Why, The Reasons, Supposed To ~ it became The Meaning. + It is hard to understand the true reasons and reason to supposed to. + Even harder to reason out. + The true reason has to be lawful and it will be the basis of the fundamentals. + To produce the supposed to, it has to be with love. + Have to know; How To Love. I had to go through the process, alone. It hurts, it is beautiful. I am detailing it almost all and the growth into books. The 1st and the 2nd book are so important, as they will be the base for the other books.

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Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9786299652205

Publisher: Sofia Zakaria


Language: English

Pages: 29

Interior: Color

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The origin of my name is; Greek, Σοφία, Sofia. Sfa ספה is Sofia in Ancient Hebrew, Sophia in German. Sofia Sfa Sophia My real and own name as I was born. Sofia – 5 letters, Sfa – 3 letters, Sophia – 6 letters. It is 536 The time I was born. Minute 53, Hour 6. 6:53am Sofia Zakaria as author’s pen name. Registered Name : Sofia Binti Zakaria

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