Children of the Black


Book Type: Print & Digital


After a thousand years of war, a scarred humanity struggles to carve a path free of it's shadow, but old habits die hard. In this trying time, a former mercenary and a young girl with psionic gifts are tasked with finding what remains of a failed project that once had the potential to bring about lasting peace. With remants of their pasts returning to lay claim on their future, the two must learn to depend on one another if they have any hope of keeping a new conflict from buring its way throughout the known universe.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781951405434

Edition: 1

Publisher: Private Dragon


Language: English

Pages: 585

Interior: BW

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About The Author

I'm just a scifi writer from rural North Carolina. My focuses are and always have been my family and my love of stories in all mediums. It has been my dream since grade school to share my stories with the world and now I have been granted the time and ability to do just that with the aid of my Publisher Private Dragon.

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