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Stained Souls




Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Book Type:Digital

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This story is about a Vampire named Jaxx, who is Cursed by a Witch named Jewels. The Curse placed on him, makes him want Blood uncontrollably. And, long before he met his friend named, Mavis. And, now Mavis has no idea about his Curse. He never told her about his Curse. And, his need for Blood is putting her in danger. All the while her want to be around him doesn't change, and, neither do her feelings for him. But, he seems to act like he doesn't have any idea how she feels, or maybe he does, but, is just too afraid to say anything about how he feels about her. Now, it's time for him to figure out how to break the Curse, or forever live with it. Will Jaxx ever break his Curse, or end up ruining his relationship with Mavis?

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Kindle Vella


Language: English



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