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Jedi Summer


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Book Type: Print & Digital


A BOY AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER WANDER THROUGH THE LOOSELY STITCHED SUMMER OF 1983. It was a magical one. Full of sun and surrealism, of lessons and loss, and of growing up and figuring it out. Nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania is a small town unlike any other. Things are strange here, always have been. People die but hang around, pets too. Everyone knows your name, and sometimes, a thing as simple as a movie coming to the local theatre is all it takes to keep you going. “Jedi Summer drops the floor right out from under you, leaves you standing in a childhood that’s been rolling around inside your chest for too long. But you’d trade anything to stay there just one more day.” – Stephen Graham Jones, author of The Only Good Indians and My Heart Is A Chainsaw

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781587678356

Edition: 3

Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications


Language: English

Pages: 88

Interior: BW

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Editor for Cemetery Dance Publications' eBook and trade paperback line.

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