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Tell Me When I Disappear: Vanishing Stories




Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital


From Glen Hirshberg, Shirley Jackson- and International Horror Guild Award-winning author of Infinity Dreams and the Motherless Children trilogy, comes a collection suffused with creeping dread about what’s being lost. And what that will cost. And what just might be circling back for us: In a decaying northern California fishing town, the last locals attempt to save a vengeful widow from herself as yet another storm bears down. But this storm is bringing something worse than waves or wind... In the Tasmanian wilderness, two travel guides and former lovers discover that wildness, and memories of wildness, still have teeth... Along the southern coast of Rhode Island, a woman in search of an old friend discovers just how frayed the threads that unite the states have become... In the meth-haunted wastelands north of Los Angeles, a mother camps on the driveway of a drug kingpin’s dilapidated mansion. She’s there to save her estranged daughter. But older dangers are bubbling out of the drought-raved Earth beneath her feet... Atmospheric, elegiac, and—oh, yes—scary, here are seven tales about people confronting what people have wrought. And a few other things people had nothing to do with...

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Editor for Cemetery Dance Publications' eBook and trade paperback line.

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