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Blind Passion




Genres: Erotica


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Let me introduce you to Amy Forde. Music Hall artiste, darling of the North London populace, an Edwardian charmer and courtesan of the rich and famous. But Amy is blind, blind from birth. Maybe if she'd been born to a poor family, she'd have not lived long, but she was truly fortunate because her family could afford to give her an education that would stand her in good stead for the future. When Amy reaches puberty, sex enters her life. A whole new plethora of feelings suddenly springs forth and Amy is quick to seduce her cousin, and then her music tutor despite her young age. Now she's at the top of her profession as a singer on the Music Hall boards, her clients are well known persons and along with her maid Connie and most debauched house keeper Molly, she's enjoying life to the full. But there's a threat of exposure on the horizon which could shake the foundations of the Empire if it gets out. (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


Chorus: Some ladies dropped her Chignon, A lovely head its been on; A charmer, fair has lost her hair, Some ladies dropped her Chignon. “Oh my, what’s a girl to do. Should I choose Reggie, or perhaps Thomas will do?” “Miss Amy, what are you warbling on about?” “My appointment for this evening of course, Molly, what else?” “Ah; now there’s a decision for you to ‘ave to make, Miss.” “Yes indeed, but you’re not helping are you Molly? In the end, it’s who might be the most rewarding for me, I suspect, who will get the rewards that I have to offer.” “Indeed, it’s just so Miss; or maybe you should ‘ave the both of ‘em?” “Gracious Molly, both at the same time? What are you suggesting you wicked woman?” “No; one after the other is wot I’m saying.” “Hmmmm, I suppose It can be arranged. I certainly would find it quite an amusing prospect, and most arousing too, no doubt.” “Old still now will you while I tightens up this bloody corset; I ain’t never known a person to wriggle around so.” “Pish, you know I hate the things. One day there’ll be an end to such torture.” “Well it ain’t arrived yet, so you ‘old still now while I does it up. There Miss, all done.” “Is it a good crowd tonight?” “Pretty rowdy I’d as say, but all good ‘umoured like always; anyways, you know you’ll ‘ave em in the palm of your ‘and. They always likes you’re singing Miss, it always goes down a treat, don’t it?” “Depends how I put it over Molly; they like it suggestive.” “They most certainly does. So, the white dress or the pale blue?” “Molly, how would I know? Just sort it out. Damn, these stockings are falling down again, I must get some of those new corsets with the suspenders. Be a dear, make a note about it Molly.”

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