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Sex Behind Closed Doors




Genres: Erotica


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Christy Laroux, Private investigator for the Cyclops Organization. Her job, to carry out surveillance and security reports on individuals for her bosses. Her targets, business people who have secrets or are possibly at risk from industrial espionage. But Christy often crosses the line during her work, seduction is a tool she often uses to gain information, but her new project is a man devoted to sex-parties, organised games and more in his playboy playground and this time Christy is going to be drawn into a world where no is not an option. The job needs doing and Christy is the woman to see it through. How will it go? Read the story to find (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


The clip-clack of Christy Laroux’s high heels echoed as she followed the woman through the marbled entrance hall of High Cross House. She glanced left and right, her wide, yet amazingly seductive, jade green eyes taking in the erotic sculptures placed in alcoves along the walls. Figures that were entwined in sexual lust, no detail hidden to the eye, copulation portrayed in every scene. The characters reminiscent of ancient Greek gods and goddesses; mythical beasts also entwined in acts of sexual lust. She felt a surge of desire run through her desirable body and returned her gaze to the swivelling, yet enticingly well packaged rump of the young woman who was leading her to the man she had come to see. Charles Ericson, multi billionaire and entrepreneur, a man of mystery, who seemed to have a finger in many pies, some it was rumoured to be not entirely legal. She brushed her fingers through her thick dark hair one last time, her heart racing as the woman paused at a large door and knocked. “Come in,” called out a soft voice; accent American but clipped so most of whatever twang had once existed was now subdued. The woman opened the door and Christy stepped into the room. But perhaps before we go any further we should step back a little in time, rewind the disc, go back to the day Christy’s immediate boss at Cyclops Inc., Fraser Jempson, had summoned her into his office. She had gone gladly because whilst the relationship was one of employer/employee, there was far more going on below the surface than would seem apparent to the outside observer, perhaps below the belt might be more appropriate a description. Christy and her immediate boss were lovers, but please don’t take that as of them having an affair. This was raw wild sex between two accommodating co-workers, nothing more nor less. The sensual attraction of a beautiful woman for a handsome, powerful man. Is Fraser married? Does he have kids? Christy has no idea nor wants to know. He has a cock, a beautifully sculpted virile, black, ever-ready dick that is more than enough to satisfy any woman’s lust. He also has charisma, and a dominant attitude that makes her body react even before she walks into his office. The office where their sex took place, doors locked and a do not disturb message relayed to his receptionist/secretary. Christy stepped through the door, her black, tailored business suit showcasing her body most desirably. Thick red lipstick on her lips, her big almond shaped eyes made up in the most alluring manner. He nodded at the door, and her pulse seemed to shoot to double its normal rate as she turned and locked it. She knew what was coming next and she wanted it, wanted it more than anything else in her life at that moment in time because her wanton body craved him. “Miss Laroux,” he smiled from behind his desk, he always used her surname, if he used her first name it was a warning of eavesdroppers. “Fraser,” she replied. “You know what I want?” he responded spinning out from his desk and swivelling in the big leather chair. “Of course Fraser, I always know what you want,” replied Christy hooking her tight skirt higher on her hips as she peeled her panties down from beneath it and then drew off her jacket before tossing it aside. “That’s my girl,” he smirked as his fingers loosed open his trousers.

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