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Call Girls




Genres: Erotica


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So how do four women all end up as call girls whilst sharing a flat between them? This is really two books in one, follow each of them as they show up for their clients and read about what happens next. See how they interact with each other while carrying on one of the world’s oldest professions. Also interspersed throughout this book each girl tells her story in her own words and describes some of her most unusual experiences. If you’re looking for a hot read that delves the lives of these four girlfriends’ then this might be a book for you. (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


Mandy knows that she is one hot chick. She exudes feminine sexuality with each little gesture, with every step she takes and every pose she assumes. She’s a sexy nineteen-year-old and the main driving force in her life is sex. What else matters when a girl has the whole world in front of her, looks like a cheeky wood-nymph and has those lust-filled desires peculiar to a horny teenager? Mandy can seduce any man she wants, she and her three friends like nothing better than to go on a group pull, get guys to buy them drinks and treat them well in return for a good shag at a price of course. They pick their targets well, sometimes as a group, other times one will go gaga over some guy and then put on the style in order to gain their attention, but the guys always pay, nothing comes for free. She doesn’t have the blonde devastating looks of Sindy Mae, nor the long straight auburn hair that Corinne continually brushes till it shines. Her locks are long and dark and curly, falling around her pretty face profusely to frame it beautifully. She has a mischievous demeanour, wilful ways and will take on a man anywhere from a back alley quickie to a sumptuous hotel room where she loves to pretend that she is not quite what she is. Mandy just loves hard cock. Now as she adjusts her tightly stretched vest top over her cute, well-formed tits, pinches her nipples until they spike the pink cotton then yanks her tight blue denim shorts a little higher, she admires her long smooth legs. Bare except for little ankle socks and white trainers. All the girls in the expensive, shared apartment, just a little out of town in the big house in Keston, including Lucinda, dress in the classiest way. Casual but chic is their byword. Corinne bursts into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed spreading her body out in a splayed, face down, human star as she hammers the bed in frustration. “Well, hi, nice to see you Corinne. Please do feel free attack my bed. I don’t suppose I’ll need it again.” “I’m really pissed off, really annoyed. I had it all set up with big dicked Delton, you know; huge cock, all muscles, great smile and what happens?”

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