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Candy Mason, The Real Story




Genres: Erotica


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Candy is the apple of her pa's eye, The prettiest girl around, she's also hot and horny and whenever she can she doesn't hesitate to get up to some nasty fun with the local Texas farm boys. But Candy wants to go to Houston, where she's set up a meeting with a photographer there to shoot a portfolio’ She coerces her fella into helping her escape and after a few adventures en-Route she finally gets her photo shoot’ Well sometimes a girl can be in the right place at the right time. Candy strikes it lucky in a new quality guys magazine and after having a few sexy adventures in Houston with her new friends she hits the big time. Life becomes one big sex party for the home town girl and that's more than enough plot for now. This is a girl makes good story with more sex than might be healthy if you have a weak heart. (Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


When Candy stepped out of her old man’s pickup truck and walked toward the diner attached to the main highway truck-stop every male head in the place turned to stare. Why? because the hot 19-year-old had a body that cried out for a man to satisfy it. Her long thick, pony-tailed blonde hair bounced just as jauntily as the huge breasts that punched two pert spikes into her tightly stretched, pink cut-off tee shirt. The front, partially ripped open at the neck, showed off her bulging cleavage in the most alluring manner. Her hips snugged in her tight blue jeans swivelled with each step she took and her blue-eyed, lush lipped, gorgeously sensual face with its cute button nose and freckles was enough to raise every damn dick in the place to rigid attention. Those grinning heads soon dipped though when her downright ornery pa got out of the truck, shotgun under his arm and a glare on his face that said, ‘hands off unless y’all want trouble!’ “Girl, git back there while ah do mah business inside.” Candy stopped, then threw up her arms in frustration, an act that raised her big, firm, jiggling tits up in answer to every mans muttered prayer, then she turned and walked back to the truck, her pear shaped tightly encased ass rotating divinely with each step she took. “Aw pa, I jus’ wanted a drink is all.” “I’ll fetch it. Ah don’t trust any of these guys. Damn lecherous every one of ‘em. Why, if ah was to let you out of my sight for even a minute they’d be around you like a swarm of bees searching for honey, cept it would be honey of a diff’rent kind in your case girl.”

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