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Sex Crazy Cheerleaders




Genres: Erotica


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When the Cheer coach, Samantha at SVC approaches the Principal with her new plans for a group of the sexiest, wildest cheerleaders ever to improve attendances at the games the Principal agree’ s. So meet the new cheer girls at the Sultry Valley College and see what these delightfully wicked girls get up to when their on or off the basket ball court. But let’s not forget Coach Samantha and her bad boy lover Rudy who delights in seducing her in the most unusual and surprising places and then theres Clarissa, the School Principal whose libido goes sky high when she learns of College student juniors huge endowment, and im not talking finance here, and plots to find out for herself just how satisfying something like that can be for a horny sensual woman on the prowl. You can read this book as a series of anecdotes or as a story, either way I guarantee that you'll wish you'd met these vixens of the basketball arena for yourself. (Unfortunately, its not always possible to get the TOC correct when converting to a Mobi file, However the TOC is all there, if in a different order.)


Lizzie left cheer practice on a high. She really loved to dance, but better sill she loved to fuck and fucking is the only thing on her mind as she makes her way home this evening. Who is she going to get to lay her on this hot, humid evening? We shall see. She is not the tallest of girls, a little over five feet tall. Has dirty blonde hair with highlights and it tumbles down to nearly cover her pert breasts. She’s of a slender figure, has a slim butt and boobs that are slightly pointed with big puffy nipples. Her legs are slim too, not skinny but not fleshy either. She wears a pair of tight denim shorts, her upper body covered by nothing more than the tummy-baring, loose fitting, grey top that she’d practised in; little sweat patches showing here and there, white trainers on her otherwise bare feet. The practise has been fun, serious but fun and she can’t believe that she is going to be a cheerleader at last. The thought of all those guys gawking at her as she dances, them wanting to do dirty things to her as she shows off her body in the raunchiest of ways, wiggles her ass at them, lets them see up her skirt to where her cheer panties stretch across her mounded pussy. This is all so exciting, and being excited means only one thing to this sexy young woman, getting off or getting laid. A toot from a car horn brings her out of her reverie, but doesn’t diminish her rampant desire; it is her Mama’s new lover and he is a real man, her hunky, handsome, slim hipped, love fantasy come to life and he does things to Lizzie’s mind that she knows shouldn’t happen to a loving daughter, but they do and it excites her.

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