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Sex Crazy Cops




Genres: Erotica


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The wild sexy improbable adventures of two of the best looking Precinct Patrolwomen you'll ever read about. The bane of their Desk Sergeants lives these two irresponsible babes get into so many sexual escapades you'll wonder why their still on the force The TOC may not be perfect adter conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Patrolwoman Patricia Minolski was horny; nothing new there then. She shares the police patrol car with her best friend and partner Lisa Frenton, a hot blonde who has the sort of attractive looks that drive fellow patrol-men crazy with lust but Lisa never plays at home. Sex in the bedroom is ok but it is sex in the most unlikely situations that really turns her on; sex with big black hunky guys with dicks that would stretch her tight pink pussy open with each hard thrust. That is the sort of hot wild action that turns this hot Patrolwoman on time after time. Did I say Trisha was horny, I meant both girls are getting steamy hot as they patrol the downtown area looking firstly for suspicious activities of the criminal kind but also noting the open air activities of the various studs that are working out so diligently in front of their homes. The inner lust that they are both feeling isn’t to apparent as yet but soon will be as their shaded eyes roam over the actions of the streetwise guys gathered on corners or sat outside their apartment blocks, dressed in little more than tight singlet’s and shorts or even bare chested. Those naked, rippling chests and narrow hips with shorts slung low that barely hide their sparse, pubic hair, and that gleam with a light sheen of moisture are driving both girls’ hormone levels higher and higher in the summer heat. The cars air-con had been doing a good job until the last half hour when it had suddenly decided to pack up. Now Lisa wishes she were wearing a skirt, not the regulation trousers, because the hot air is getting her sweaty in some pretty sensitive places, places that are beginning to request immediate attention before she goes crazy.

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