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Couguar Vaxation




Genres: Erotica


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When thirty somethings, Faith and Claire book their holiday to the South of France, they are expecting a sun soaked vacation, hot beaches and maybe the odd sexual encounter to make the holiday special, so you may wonder, what could possibly go wrong? Everything; from the moment they decide to pay their chauffer in kind on the way to the Airport to their subsequent late arrival for their flight. Their discovery that instead of their holiday destination they are on a flight to the middle east, on a private jet-liner belonging to the local ruler and filled with his lusting retinue, and most shockingly of all are mistaken for the adult entertainers that he had booked to enliven the journey. Of course, once the avaricious duo discover what’s on offer, and what’s on offer has their eyes wide in appreciation, they waste no time in joining the mile high club in a most satisfying manner. So begins their stay as guests of the ruler of the small state, his hospitality boundless and much to the ladies liking as they continue their enforced stay. The hotel masseur, the other guests at their hotel and a very exclusive party evening as is guests but a prelude to their eventual arrival in France. Does it end there, no way, the lusty holiday continues in the same fashion culminating in a sea cruise with a crew that have only one thought in mind and saying no is not an option for our hot cougars. The TOC may not be perfect adter conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Abdul hovers around the door urging us to get ready to leave, but we still need to return to the Hotel and an evening dress might look very glam in the evening but it is the last thing a girl feels good in at 6am in the morning. None the less, we drag ourselves out of our beds and take hasty showers to ease the night’s slight aches away. How does a girl soothe her arsehole after its been roundly fucked time after time? Quiet, my head hurts, don’t even answer that! Abdul finally has us under way to the Airport and a small although opulent private jet whisks us off too Nice in record time. Amazing though our unintended break has been it is a great feeling to take control of our own lives once more. Thoughtfully, a car has been provided to take us to our new Hotel; however, the biggest surprise is our being advised that any additional funds in our accounts at the previous Hotel had been transferred to our credit cards. My jaw drops, as did Elaine’s, when we eventually check how much has been deposited. I guess Omani was well pleased with his two son’s initiations into the ways of the world so I reckon we earned our money, though I’d never class it as work. Our new Hotel flanks the local Marina and we decide to go for a nice stroll to admire the yachts and take in the ambiance of the place and that is all I want to do on this day, so we ignore a few invites to join the owners of the big boats but keep them in mind for the future. It is certain that despite their utterances being in French, there is only one thing they have in mind and we had enough of that the previous night. We do however take a walk along the beach and I must admit that there are some pretty hunky guys sunbathing there and some really beautiful bare-breasted women too, and we do get chatting to a guy who tells us in broken English that the naturist beaches are the real place to be. He obviously wants us to bare a lot more of ourselves than he is checking out for himself already. We mentally mark this down for the following day and return to the Hotel for our evening meal.

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