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Elle And Tonisha, Men Are For Sharing




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Elle and Tonisha crashed into my life out of nowhere. Their stories of lust filled debauchery inspired in me the urge to transcribe their lives into print and here is that story. Some is true, some fiction based on their fantasies, it’s for you, the reader to decide which or what you want to believe. There are no unrevealed secrets here, although names have been changed to protect their identities, in the best time honoured tradition of those old movies. These Two she vixens pull no punches, they tell it like it was and is, the story is unfinished because they are still my friends and so more happens day by day and I'm sure will in the future. So if I have piqued you're interest, or if Elle and Tonisha have, then spend a few pennies and slip into their world, but beware, if you are easily shocked b y their unfaithful acts, if you flinch at tales of sexual deceit, if you flinch as think of unfaithful wives this may not be for you, you have been warned. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


“So, this Jenner….” Oh fuck, she’d noted how my face had lit up once again, latched onto it with her dirty, evil mind. She grinned and continued pressing me for more information. “You want to finish business, don’t you Elle? You want his cock in your pussy because you have to know how it would have been back then if you had done it with him?” Dammit, she was right of course. Yes, I wanted his fucking dick, I wanted sweaty hot sex, didn’t care where; it was unfinished business between us, and I’d always wondered. “Yeah, I guess. Damn, he always got my juices flowing. Yes, I’d do it, I wouldn’t want to let Matt know though.” She smiles, it s like she is planning how to make it happen, I so wanted it too. More Jack Daniels, the last dregs and now it was her turn, so I gave her my raised eyebrows and she’s laughed. “And with your husband?” I’d asked her in return. “Ok. The first time with my husband was when we were in Christian college, Yeah I had that kind of an upbringing.” she laughed. “We had been talking over the phone, talking during school, but noth6ing else. One day I took him out of the computer lab and took him to some secluded stairs up there and kissed him for the first time then I walked away. When he finally caught up to me at the end of our classes, his mind was still blown. We sat under a tree on some benches and we talked.” “Now, how it's set up is that to our right there's a walkway where people who drive in have to walk past. To our left are short trees that hide us partially but it’s still open to anyone going by. That's where the cars pass to go around to the parking lot so we're hidden, but not quite hidden. At least we were able to hear when people were coming near.” “We started kissing, then touching each other. He made me so wet I was soaking. I couldn't wait, I wanted him so bad, so he pulled my pants down a little and then pulled his own open and dragged me into his lap, my back to his front and impaled me on his cock that was sticking up from his pants. Biggest I’d felt or seen up to then too.”

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