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The Sex Demon Comes Calling




Genres: Erotica


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We all know there isn't such a person, But just suppose, Suppose they really did exist, and suppose they turned a rather edgy, mid-American house into a den of incestuous debauchery. suppose anything goes between the motto among this family. Well, try this story if you want to know folks. The TOC may not be perfect adter conversion, but the chapters are all there.


When I get home from school, I throw my books on the sofa and put my head down. Waking up some thirty minutes later, I wonder where my Lil’ Sister is? She should have been home from her classes just after I got in. Shaking myself awake, I go upstairs to check out her room. She’s younger than me, so I have to look out for her. Thing is, as I near her room, I hear her soft mewling. Ok, so she’s getting off after class. Don’t we all do that? But as I get closer I hear a male voice, and it’s grunting out aloud. What the hell? Curiosity gets the better of me. Cindy is a little young to be having guys in her room, and more especially, guys that cry out stuff like, ‘Yeah baby, take my huge dick, yeah, fucking alright, you are one dirty slut letting me screw your hot pussy.’ I peer in through the open door, see that Cindy is totally naked except for her panties, and thus attired, she’s sitting astride this big, black guy, her small tits bouncing around as she rides back and forth on the length of his huge dick with her concealed pussy and I can see it’s a real thick one. She pulls her panties aside, throws her head way back as she devours his rod with her horny twat, time after time. I don’t know how long she’s been at him, but she sure is giving this guy a good time as she bounces up and down on his big, hard-driving cock. I feel my own weapon stiffen up in my pants. It’s near eight inches long, and throbs like crazy as I stroke it up some over my underpants. I drop them down to my ankles. Pull out my raging-hard dick, stroke it up as I watch my Lil’ Sister ride the guys big tool with real, wild abandon. She grins as she slips off of his dick, and then lowers her pouting mouth to it. I see it’s a huge one, surely far too big for her to take between her lips, but fuck, she does so. “Yeah, suck mah tool real good baby,” he mutters, lifting his skinny hips so his big dick spears up into her waiting mouth. Her lips close tight around it; one hand strokes upon the hard flesh as the other rolls his balls around. I groan at this arousing sight, the head of my dick swollen up exceptionally hard in my jerking hand. Her cheeks hollow as she sucks her lips tight around his dark meat and I wonder how long she’s been sucking guy’s erect dicks for now? I wonder how the hell she started. My kid Sister is behaving like a slut and my eyes are fixed on her bobbing head. When she releases his rod, it stands up even taller than mine by some two inches. How the hell can she take that huge weapon into her fresh, young cunt,’ I wonder?” He pulls his dong free, gets to his knees, pushes Cindy onto her back and then works her cute tits while he fingers her slickened snatch.

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