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Ellie Mae 3, Sex On The Road




Genres: Erotica


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Fortified with the proceeds of her sugar daddy exploits, Ellie Mae is off to Atlanta to make her Porn Star dream come true. After a series of adventures as she gets various lifts along the way; well it don't take much to entice Ellie Mae into some dubious deeds, she finally ends up with a group of girls whose speciality is dancing. Not however the sort of dancing a guy could tell his mother he'd seen. These girls are also travelling north while putting on some outrageous shows and Ellie Mae is soon roped into the action. Not that she needs much persuading. The third in this series; straight talking Ellie Mae, or Red as she likes to be known tells it in her own way, hard talking sass. he TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Well, I’ll be damned if he didn’t split right on out on me again. Lester Bannion you are a dork of the first order, …. but I do still like cowboys. We are on the road again but not traveling very far, and when we pull up, Riko parks the camper. “Where in hell, are we?” I groan, as I shake my head after resting from the whole lot more sex that me and Lester had back in that barn. I don’t even remember coming back to the camper and I know I wasn’t drunk, except maybe with satisfaction. This is all so damn confusing to say the least. “It’s La Grange, wake up,” grins Riko, from the front seat; the cowboy hat still perched on her head. Gotta admit she looks kinda cute wearing it. “Ugh,” I mutter, shaking the cobwebs free. “Is this tonight’s show place?” “Yes, you get ready now, very special show tonight, very sexy Red.” “Not sure I am up for more sexy right now, but I poke my head out and peek and all I see is a dark doorway. This certainly don’t look none to flashy to me. “Ya’ll sure it’s the right place?” “Yes, now get off bed. We got go in, get ready, maybe even get fucked good tonight. Lots of fun.” The Yakuza getting fucked. Now this is news of a different hue and this I just gotta see, so I set myself upright and rub the sleep from my eyes. “So is this another oily dance?” “No not tonight, different place, different dance. We wear these dresses.” I stare at the handful of scanty material that she’s holding up before her, in surprise. It’s baby blue, about a foot in length from top to bottom and stretchy as hell and looks just like an extended boob tube. “Holy heck, that’s like, …. tiny,” I gasp, staring at the dress. That’s like dress in italics because it sure don’t amount to fuck all in my eyes. “Yes, very tiny, not stay in place long. Boys go crazy, good for sexy dance.” The other two girls are nodding like they can’t wait. Well, I guess my interest is now piqued some, and I’m surprised by the surge of desire that flashes through my loins of a sudden. I guess I’m just some kinda sexual nympho or something, can’t ever get enough sex lately.

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