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Ellie Mae 2,Sex, Sugar And Sundaes




Genres: Erotica


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Ellie Mae has left high school and now works in the local ice cream Parlour, but never fear she is wilder than ever. She’s looking for a sugar daddy now, or maybe two to move up in the world and to make the most of her favourite occupation, sexual gratification. So who better to turn to for advice than her new friend at the ice cream parlour, a hot blonde who already knows how to work that little number to perfection. So follow Ellie Mae’s sex filled adventures as only she can tell it. She’s hot, sexy and most accommodating, especially when she knows that sex pays real good. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


So, you’re asking me just what I’m doing motoring down the freeway in an old pickup truck on a hot summer’s afternoon. Well you see, it’s like this. There I was all down on my knees, my bright print dress stretched real tight across my cute butt with Deputy Biggs’ huge fuck-rod bouncing all around in my horny hands; yeah, the both of them afore you ask. Now fun as it was to be licking and suckin’ on that delicious specimen of manhood that he has been so blessed with, I was also thinking as to how, in his police-pants pocket there is a bunch of keys that I happen to know he’d appropriated off of old Hiram Jones, so that he couldn’t drive his truck home on account of how juiced up he was on whisky, the night afore. Now those jingling keys were kinda drawing my thoughts to my own appropriation, I do so like that word, of them. So, like I said, there I was with my new boobs sticking out all naked over the top of my low-cut dress, my super-dooper new awesome tits supplied courtesy of my ex-sugar daddy, Ross, you remember him? The weird rubber lover? Well anyways, my sweet mouth was giving Biggs the best blow job he’d ever had so’s he wouldn’t guess at my sinister thoughts right then. Reluctant as I was to take one hand off’n his big ol’ monster of a fuckin’ dick, I truly needed those keys real bad, so I slipped a hand into his pants pocket, which was real easy since they was pooled down around his ankles; his pants not the keys, and lifted those lil’ fuckers free. Liberated them just as I liberated a whole load of steaming hot cum from Biggs super-dick.

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