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Ellie Mae 4, Atlanta Dreamland




Genres: Erotica


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This is the final book in the Ellie Mae Series, Ellie Mae 4, Atlanta Dreamland. Ellie Mae arrives in Atlanta and after a run in with the driver. She makes her escape and then sets about finding an apartment. The room is a share and all seems good until she discovers that her roommate has a habit of entertaining guests, for money. Undaunted, Ellie has a few adventures of her own while she's waiting for her appointment at 'Teenage Sensations.' Will Ellie Mae realize her dream to act in porn Movies? What other ad ventures lie in store for our avaricious teenager- read on. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


I hate waiting around. It really does my head in. I arrived at Teenage Sensations at nine, just like they asked, and two coffee’s later and four magazines, I’m wondering and wondering what the fuck is going on here? Ok, so I don’t expect the royal carpet, but a little civility and attention would be nice. I’m not alone. There’s two other girls here, and after chatting to one, its obvious that this is the norm. What is really frustrating is wondering if I gotta wait until after these two are done before I get seen? That’s driving me crazy. Luckily, my fears are ended, when Ralph Deakin, the head Honcho here, appears and re-introduces himself. Like what the fuck? We already know who you are, dildo. “Come on in,” he grins. “Sorry for the wait. Unexpected happenings, …. Yes, all of you please.” We get to our feet and follow him into his office. There’s this guy sitting there wearing glasses, skinny as a rake, sheets of paper in front of him. “Our legal guy. George Waller,” introduces Deakin, with a wave of the hand. We sit down, stare at this excuse for a man. He sure ain’t gonna be appearing in any movies here. “Good morning ladies. Excuse us for seeing you all together, but time presses on.” he says, with a sickly smile. Ugh, I think I wanna gag. “Yes, so let’s move along,” adds Deakin. “So, congratulations girls, you all passed the auditions, and the medicals, so now we need to get your contracts signed. I take it you’ve all brought your ID’s, as requested. We don’t need another Traci Lords now do we?” he jokes. We stare at each other and then back at him without comprehension. “Traci Lords? She said she was over 18 when she started filming, turns out she was just fifteen. The studio had to destroy all her movies,” he adds, and we are still looking at him without any comprehension. “Ahem, never mind. So George, please hand out the contracts so that the ladies can check them out, and girls, pass your ID’s back to George.” So, we sit and read, doing our best to take in all the details. The fees are per shoot for the first six, then renegotiable. There’s some other stuff about all sorts of things, and a seven day ‘get out’ clause. One girl tells that she needs her attorney to look over the paperwork, folds it up and leaves. Me and the other one both shrug and then sign. The fees look good and all seems fine, but I decide that I’m going to get mine checked out before I do any filming. I keep that to myself. “Ok, that’s it,” he says, smiling benignly. “Erm, just a minute,” I venture. We surely aren’t going to be thrown into filming without any idea of what’s involved?” “Goodness no. If you’d like to grab some lunch and then return, you’ll be able to watch a shoot that’s taking place this afternoon. You can ask Rhonda any questions afterwards. How’s that sound?”

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