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Ellie Mae Box Set




Genres: Erotica


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All four Books in obeat a reduced price Ellie Mae didn’t start out obsessed with older men, she just kinda discovered that particular need when a new lodger moved into the home she shared with her ma. She was already foolin’ with guys, younger men who she shared with her friend Sasha without wanting to do more than explore her budding sexuality with any strings. But lust has a funny way of taking a person off in its own direction, and Ellie Mae can’t resist the lure of an older man, and nor can her seething desires resist that call. So join Ellie Mae as she tells us in her own Southern Alabama words of her sexual awakening, her coming of age as she discovers herself and her needs during one hot summer.


“Hey Reece baby, you wanna fuck me?” I whisper, in my sexiest voice. Do you know somethin’, he never batts a fucking eyelash. Here I am offering up my, sexy as hell hot body, and he is fast asleep. Only one thing to do, get his damn dick out and give it a good blow to rouse him from his stupor. I giggle at the idea as I kneel down, my fingers pulling at his zipper until it is also down, and then I reach a hand into his pants and fish around until I find his soft, sleeping dick. He jerks somewhat as my fingers stroke along its length, but he sleeps right on still, so I slowly pull it out into the open. Now sucking on a guy’s cock when its soft might not seem like much fun, but some of us girls know that what is real exciting is to feel that prick get harder in our mouths until it’s a real stonker of an erection, so, taking it firmly in my hand I begin to work on it and sure enough, it begins to stiffen up by degrees. What? Hey? What the…..? Holy fuck, who is this hot babe?” he cries out, his eyes opening wide as he takes in my new, upmarket appearance. Now this is some statement to hear and I giggle for a moment before resuming my sucking on his stiffening tool. “Ellie Mae, is that you? Hell, ah guess it must be. No one sucks dick like that girl, but hell, you look so damn sexy. Wow, just let me get a good look now?” Reluctantly, I leave his rising weapon and do a twirl for the man, which seems to bring his cock up to a full-on stand anyway.

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