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Sex Crazy Family




Genres: Erotica


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doesn't lead to complications, but when its an open marriage, the rules can change and the norm can be cast aside. In such circumstances our characters throw aside convention and sex dominates family life. There are no barriers except that the rules on incest will apply, but that still leaves all kinds of other options open, trust me, and there is little that our family don't get up too. One of the hottest books I have written. Authors note all characters in this book are 18 years old or older. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


My Stepsister is a cock-slut. How do I know? because I read her diaries when I sneak into her room. She’s at High School today, so, being bored at home, I needed some entertainment, I sure found it in her diary. I’m not surprised really, she’s always teasing me when she’s home, wearing little plaid skirts that don’t cover her ass properly, skimpy tops that do nothing to hide her stiff nipples and ass-hugging shorts than barely cover it. I swear that if she does it one more time, I’m going to whip out my fucking hard-on and then stuff it into her mouth for a good blow job. A lad can only stand so muck teasing. I’ve got my hard cock in my hand as I catch up on her latest exploits, and its such hot reading. I got fucked by Angelo today, he dragged me into the broom cupboard, then pulls out his big, hard cock. I was so excited that I was frigging myself off as I stared down at his naked tool. The thing was real hard, and I straight away knew what he wanted, my juiced-up, slut’s twat. I guess I was up for it anyhow, though I was determined to tease him first. I felt his hands go for my huge jugs, his hard dick rubbing at my pert ass. I guess I have that kind of look that gets boys excited in a hurry, what with my bang cut, blonde hair and tits that are far too large, and my long legs. Anyhow, I soon had his dick in my hands, eight lovely inches of pulsating flesh that would soon be fucking me hard. Just one entry, here’s another. Uncle Ben groped my big tits up and I never stopped him. I liked it and wanted more, but my Aunt walked into the room, so I just grabbed his cock through his pants instead. It felt real big.

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