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Genres: Erotica


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Ever wanted your ideal sex fantasies to come alive, ever wanted to act out your greatest desires with the man of your choice, Perhaps a sexy ménage or to be the dominant woman? Well at this weekend retreat for women that's just what you can do. Whatever your whim, your desire, your moment that you've always wanted to happen in your wildest sexual dreams, here you can make it happen along with the other guests, and if that's not enough you can join in the final day sex party and truly go crazy. So what of afterwards, will you return home a new woman, will you tell your man, 'shape up or ship out, will you take that lover you've always wanted.? The action is hot, the aftermath surprising so why don't you come stay for a weekend of lusty fun ladies? The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Francine tiptoes quietly up the stairs to the Mistress of the house’s bedroom with a feather-duster in hand, her cute little maids outfit enhancing her slim, yet curvaceous, figure. Her chin-length, blonde hair gleams, setting off her attractive face; nice pert breasts and curvy hips under her maid’s black dress; features that don’t go unnoticed by Jules, the husky Gardener who has his own ideas about what the comely lass needs to brighten up her day. He rubs his hands against the rapidly rising crotch of his pants when he’d caught sight of her arousing figure as she went in to the house through the open front door, her hips wriggling enticingly as she then climbed the stairs. He deliberated as to whether to creep up after her, perhaps to burst into the room, throw her onto the bed as she squealed. He’d pull his swollen dick out of his pants and watch eagerly as she held her hands up to ward him off. He suspected it would be a meek protest and that she lusted after him just as he did her. He’d seen the woman peeking out of the window as he’d toiled, bare-chested, in the garden, imagining how she’d rub her naked pussy under her dress, no panties he guessed. The little trollop deserved to feel his thick cock in her sweet, tight cunt, his naked buttocks flexing as he gave her a good seeing too. Perhaps she’d even take his sturdy rod in her tight ass. Francine, of course, went about her work oblivious to the intensity of the man’s feelings, nothing further from her mind as she enters the Mistress’s opulent bedroom. She sighs as she picks up the strewn about scanties that litter the floor; little silk panties, a filmy nightdress, the softness of the material causing her to wish she could wear such clothes. Of course, she had spied on Jules; what girl wouldn’t daydream about the handsome man, drool over his oiled, rippling muscles as he worked, ogled his tight buttocks, pictured his huge throbbing……

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