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Sex Crazy Farmgirls




Genres: Erotica


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Don't we just love those sultry farm girls? The jorks, the tied up tops, the Stetson. Well here you go. Meet the hottest girls around down on those southern farms. No inhibitions here. These girls know just what they want, and are not shy about getting their way and there are plenty of hot guys around just to help them out. So why not join them as they go on the prowl. Plenty of action inside, no holds barred with these willing girls down on the farm. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Hiram Lester Winter rests his shovel on the farm-fence, mops his brow with his kerchief and then stares intently as Abigail Friedmont steps out onto her front porch. His excited eyes sweep from her thick blond hair, thick and lush, to the tops of her upper breasts, dwells on her gorgeous face, and then settles on the large, firm, bulging globes that so enticingly thrust out of her tight denim, halter top. Dropping eventually to her curvaceous waist, and then to flaring, sensual hips clad in more tight denim. He runs his tongue over his lips as he watches her lean her round ass-cheeks up against the rail, her hand reaching upwards to pluck a flower from the low-hanging basket. She pushes it into her hair. Setting herself down on the rail, one long leg raised, her fingers run along its smooth-skinned length stopping to adjust one of her leather, cowgirl boots. His hand goes into his dungarees to firmly grasp his naked, thickening, cock, his fingers coiling around his hardening flesh as he ogles the teenaged farmgirl. She turns her head his way, smiles innocently, totally unaware of the lust-ridden thoughts that are rippling through his head as he takes in her amazing body. His hand jerks free, though his erect prick still pushes at the taut denim of his coverall. Has she noticed, has? she seen his hand working under his clothing? or, in her innocence, does she not even known the effect her presence has upon him? “Hey there Hiram, too hot for working?” she calls across to him, her back arching so that her bulging boobs strain at the gaping top. His cock rears taller in his dungarees, surges into a thick, fleshy pole that has its own ideas about this delectable young lady; idea’s that cause it to throb with urgent need.

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