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Freda on Stern, Latex The Challenge




Genres: Erotica


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Freda Von Stern, No 1 latex Diva of the third decade of the 21st century The most desired woman on the planet among the billions of latex fetishist devotees and latex is the fashion trend that now rules the globe, A member of one of the New Germany’s most exclusive fetish sects and figurehead model of the Stim-Latex Corporation has a problem. Her Grand Master, Herr Graffenstein, has got himself in a bit of a pickle. He’s drawn a challenge from Arcadian, the Hamburg sects Grand Master and must get himself out of it. How? Well he turns to Freda of course. Will our Heroine respond, will she rise to the Challenge or leave him to sort his own mess out. Will our latex loving Diva, the celeb of the moment, the top topic of the Visi-newscasts, this sexual predator of a woman let her adventurous side rise to this new challenge. Can she, as Graffenstein said, ‘take on all comers' in this ultimate series of worldwide, televised extravaganza’s in which the winner is the last man left standing, so to speak, or will Freda Von Stern live up to her reputation as the supreme goddess of latex and deflate a lot more than ego’s? Join our supreme Mistress of rubber-wear along with the global audience as she publically takes on each of Arcadian’s sexual challenges. See along with the billions, every single moment of her sexsational response as they are each shown the world over.. Each a major red carpet event attended by her adoring fans.. Delve into her private life too, and find out how the worlds number one latex sex Celeb lives out her erotic life in this story set in the third decade of a century when sexual enhancement and sex enhancing drugs and bodily modifications are now the biggest selling commodities across the globe. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


big four poster bed to clear away the kinks left from a strenuous night of truly demanding but totally rewarding, sexual activity. She smiles as she recalls the best moments, her voluptuous body involuntarily shivering with each recollection of both of her lover’s relentless devotions to her, near insatiable, sexual needs. Robespierre, with his potent, eight, thick inches of solid cock-flesh, surgically enhanced of course for both length and girth, a norm in this third decade of the twentieth century, had taken her to the limits of her near inexhaustible demands. He, a master of the art of love with an unbelievably satisfying prick had wielded it with magnificent skill and self-control to drive her to the most satisfyingly fulfilling climaxes time after time. Pieter. Sadly, he’d already left her bed that morning, was something else. Memories of how his unusual prick, implanted with clusters of miniscule vibrators, had had her screaming for more time after time, resurfaced in her head to further stimulate her lusty, awakening thoughts. ‘Gods be praised, that man can drive a woman absolutely crazy with that damned electro-enhanced dick of his,’ is the thought that goes through her head. The man’s prick is just one crazy firecracker of a live-wired cock. A dynamic, machine implantation, that does to not know when a girl has had enough, ‘though,’ chuckles Freda to herself, ‘can a girl ever have had enough of such a weapon?’

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