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Fifi And Laerne, Prostitution And Sex




Genres: Erotica


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Fifi and Laverne are upper class prostitutes working in the 50's , the Era of the sweater girls. To them, sex is not a chore, it's an adventure. Adventures certainly come their way in large doses. One of a new breed of recent writes that pulls no punches. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Men want sex but can’t always get it, but as a woman I can get it whenever I want, and I want it a lot. My name is Fifi Labelle. I’m just under six-foot-tall, taller still in heels, and men worship me and my sensual body. You wonder why? Picture me with long blonde hair, a face that conveys a mixture of beauty and wanton sedu-0ction. My tits are big and slightly pendulous with long nipples and big aureole. My body? curvaceous with a narrow waist, especially when I wear a girdle to emphasize my shape, and full hips, My arse, fleshy and curvaceous. My legs? long. My pussy has only a sprinkling of fuzz, trimmed and pouting, but, if you want a piece of me, you must pay. If you want my body, you must pay. If you want to fuck me, you must pay, and you will pay me well, because I like my luxuries in life. I might crave cock, but I’m not cheap. I’m a high-class tart and I give value for money. It’s Coronation year 1952, we have a new Queen. We’re long done with rationing and that’s just to set the current scene. I’m not one to care about the outside world, I’m only interested in sex, and I don’t care which gender it’s with. My live-in maid, Laverne, is only too happy to suck on my twat, or to fuck me with one of our big dildo’s, not that I’m adverse to giving it back to her. I love to hear her scream for more, it makes me excited.

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