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The Head Girl




Genres: Erotica


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side Emily's mind, temptations rear daily, but will she submit to them Less To the casual observer Emily is just your average teenaged girl, yet under that surface veneer lurks a world of sexual mayhem that breaks into her day to day thoughts with a force that often overwhelms her. She is driven by those needs and desires, and often breaks societies rules to bring them to life. Her head is filled with lustful thoughts often carried out with a complete lack of concern, Often drawn into dubious situations by her best friend, Milly. Now there are new temptations, and Emily can't get them out of her head, but to put her plans into operation, will mean going into new territory for this young lady. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


When I get the summons to Mrs Hopkins Office, that’s our Headmistress, I know I am in trouble. When I see Mr Jackson there I knew it isn’t gonna be good news. I am wrong. “Ah, good. Emily. As you know, we’ve recently lost Melissa for reasons we shan’t dwell on and she was our head girl until recently. We’ve been looking for a replacement and Mr Jackson has recommended you for the role.” So that’s why he’s here, Head Girl? Yep I am certainly his favourite ‘head girl’ alright. “Me? but…..,” I kinda splutter until I am cut short, and then Mr Jackson smoothly goes into action with his two pennorth. “Why not Emily? You seem to be a bit of a team leader. You led the hockey team to the championship last season. You’re very popular. I think it would be a splendid idea,” he finishes. My head now whirls, dithering in numb, overload. ‘What will he want for this?’ is my next thought. Wasn’t I already giving him enough? Did I really want this position? Sure enough, my train of thought goes to free periods, chances to skulk off, things I might get up to; but then I’d be expected to set a good example, wouldn’t I? No chance of that for long, unless certain people, like Mr Jackson here, keep their mouths shut, even while mine is so busy keeping him happy.

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