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High School Snippets




Genres: Erotica


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A collection of short sex stories and anecdotes set around high schools and other higher education facilities, featuring settings in the USA, the UK and Japan. A whole plethora of sexy situations in the high school environment The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Amy Laverne is bored, and the vivacious young housewife has a habit of letting her mind run wild on such occasions. Her friend Millicent has recently told her about cosplay, and what fun it is to dress up and then act out sexual fantasies for real. Amy’s husband teaches at the local High School, so what better way to surprise him than to turn up at his school, as a sexy girl with just one thing on her mind? Amy certainly has young enough looks to pull it off, except she will need to ditch her spectacles. This might be a problem since, without them, her vision is poor, but hey, her husband is sure to play along anyway, …. isn’t he? Amy begins to root through her closet looking for the right clothes to wear. Her plan is to turn up after most students have left, but just in case she’ll wear a coat over her outfit until the moments right to reveal all. She tosses unnecessary clothing aside; after all, for this little outing she won’t need underwear. That will be pointless for what she has in mind. “Aha, there you are,” she mutters aloud, as her old, red-plaid, High-School skirt comes to hand. It’s a little short now, ‘but that’s surely a plus?’ is her immediate thought Next her skinny ribbed, white crop-top that might not quite be in fashion anymore, but it will do wonders for her well-formed breasts. Her nipples quickly grow hard just thinking about how they will stick out under this top without a bra to cover them. Amy smiles, her otherwise slim body is vibrant with excitement at her exciting idea. Sitting naked on her bed after showering, she rolls each over-the-knee stocking up over her legs, and then she struggles for some minutes with the ribbed, crop-top. It seems that her breasts have grown larger since she last wore it, but eventually she manages to drag its hem down, though barely far enough to cover the lower-slopes of her prominent breasts. No matter, its fine; just the ‘second-skin’ look that she wants, so as to set her husband’s passions all aflame.

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