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Ilyena Volkavitch, Bounty Hunter




Genres: Erotica


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Occupation? Hunting down those who are wanted by others, her reward, hard cash. This deadly Russian operative gets her orders and then carries out the mission, and she never fails. But Ilyena has a weakness, men. She can 't get enough of them and her tastes are not exactly traditional either. Dare you follow her latest pursuit, as she hunts down a man who traffics women. Will you follow her into the Bluebell Club? Not a place for the timid or uninitiated. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


“Thank you. Now then Roland; are you married, a girlfriend perhaps?” “Not married, but I do have a girlfriend Madam.” “Hmmm, then you will forget her for a short while will you not?” purrs the woman, as she turns from him, unbuttons her thin blouse, pulls it slowly from her shoulders and then tosses it aside to show her near naked, tanned back. Unzipping her skirt, she lets it drop to the floor, before stepping out of it. Roland’s eyes grow wide as he takes in this semi-naked beauty who’s now dressed in nothing more than her black panties and bra, sheer dark nylons and white heels. Her hand reaches back to release the bra from her thrusting breasts, and that now unnecessary garment is also tossed aside. “I suppose I can do that,” mutters the handsome young man, with a hitch in his voice that betrays his obvious excitement. “Good, so now you show me your cock Roland I do so hope it’s hard for me already.” He grins as his hand works at his brown, uniform trousers and then he reaches inside them so as to pull out his cock, which is certainly in a rigid state much to Ilyena’s delight. Her widening eyes drop downwards to ogle the man’s jutting prick, to drift over its torpid length flesh with obvious admiration, and approval. “Good. You understand that in my life I don’t have time for wasteful words? You see, I’m a busy woman but if I like a man, then I want him and right now, it’s you that I want Roland.” “My lucky day then, I guess,” he replies, as his fingers caress his long, thick shaft, in the process exposing its bulging head to her impatient gaze. “And mine too. That looks just right for what I have in mind. Now then, please strip completely, everything off Roland and then I’ll show you how a Russian woman makes love.” Ilyena opens the mini bar, pours two drinks, her eyes watching the man as he pulls off his shirt and then his underwear. She slips back down onto the bed, offers Roland a glass; watches as he swallows the drink down in one. Smiles again, her eyes taking in his well-formed, now naked, body as he sheds the last of his clothes. Her fingers peel down her panties, her long legs parting slightly to reveal a glimpse of her smooth-shaven pussy to his lust filled gaze. “You must lie down on your back on the bed,” she purrs, slipping down over one side of it as he shrugs and then slips down beside her. his head resting back, eyes closing as her fingers slide over his stomach. “Very good. Now you relax yes? Close your eyes and let me admire your body. Such a nice cock too.”

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