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Lady Jane, The Black Widow




Genres: Erotica


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Lady Jane plays for real. Will she tame her latest Adversary? Less Lady Jane has seen two husbands to their demise, hence her name among the local villagers. Beautiful and dominant in her own house, her escapades with the staff and housemaids are very secret and would lead to scandal were they discovered. A chance meeting with Thomas Farthingdale leads to an unexpected conclusion that has her gasping for more, but rivalry develops as she pits herself up against his bet that he can seduce all four of her daughters in a week.e all four of her girls in a week. Who will win the wager, will Lady Jane play by the rules because she hates to lose, and what will be the penalty if Thomas should fail? The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Lady Jane Wetherby sits astride her horse with all the skill of a dedicated horsewoman. The steed is a little skittish but the woman likes that in both her horses and her men. She digs in her heels and sets off at a fast gallop across her land; the thrill of controlling the beast she rides as exciting to her as the men she often spurred on with her heels when in the throes of erotic passion. Unknown to the elegant woman she is being observed from afar, her poise and stature interesting and exciting the unseen watcher as he follows her through his powerful binoculars. He smiles as she turns toward him, the glasses now moving lower to her large breasts as they jiggle slightly beneath the tight fitting body-warmer she wears; lower down still to her narrow waist, her firmly gripping thighs, then back up to her face with its attractive features, pony-tailed blonde hair. Her eyes that flare as she takes the jump and makes a perfect landing, her body erect as she speeds past. The woman reigns in the horse then turns about, pausing to stare pointedly in his direction then she begins to approach him at a walk. Lady Jane does not much care for intrusive voyeurs, not unless they are invited to watch her. She runs her steely glare over the smiling man as she draws nearer; his grin beginning to annoy her. She is usually the one who does the grinning as she puts her lovers through their paces although in far different ways from those she uses on her steed, it must be said. “Sir, I do not appreciate your interest in my activities, who are you?” “Tom Farthingdale, and you…..?” “It doesn’t matter to you who I am, but I would prefer it if you ceased your activities and leave my property immediately.”

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