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The Latex Trilogy




Genres: Erotica


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Are you into latex erotica, or maybe just curious? Here's your chance to save money. Three of my latex books for just over the price for two Dare you take the plunge. Three Varied e-books, some short stories, others longer. Discover what latex devotees find so avaricious when wearing latex. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Kirsty grins wickedly as she watches the handsome chauffer cross the yard. The cute housemaid has plans for the handsome man; plans that will ensure that she finally gets her hands on his big, fat, black dick and can give it a good workout. She has seen the looks he gives her, knows that his sexual fantasies revolve around her slim, teenaged body. Now she is ready to act on them for her own satisfaction. She will have to be careful. If her employer finds out that she is out to seduce the man without his permission, she’ll probably lose her job. Truthfully, it isn’t the job that matters, it is the extra bonuses for her additional duties and of course, the crazy wild sex that she’ll really miss. George intrigues her. He is a challenge and she’s seen the video that Esmeralda had sent. Indeed, she’s watched it many times. Now she wonders just how exciting it would be to have a man like that obey her every whim or face the painful consequences. She’s noticed how he had obeyed Esmeralda when she’d threatened him with disclosure, noted that his massive rod when slapped, had bounced back for more. Now this thought is exciting. Exciting enough that she’s frigged herself silly as she’d watched the sexy scene time after time.

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