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Sex Crazy Latex Dolls




Genres: Erotica


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This collection of stories features an agency that specialises in call girls who know how to wear and use latex to please and excite their clients Latex; smooth, shiny, clingy and exhilarating. Latex brings to mind hot sexy women wearing brightly coloured skin tight cat-suits, daring clingy short dresses, hidden zippers leading to salacious thrills. Muscular well-endowed hunks in tight, skimpy revealing shiny briefs and stretchy singlet's, oiled bodies and rapacious uninhibited sex. This collection of stories features an agency that specialises in call girls who know how to wear and use latex to please and excite their clients. Some are hired for exhibition purposes, others to give, visiting from abroad, businessmen a taste of the erotic in order to seal deals. The stories are linked in various ways as we move from girl to girl and situation to situation. Some are pure seductions others wild and wonderful sex parties. They include Sex machines, Sybian's and other delicious wickedness and will take you into a world that we can all participate in to discover the rampant joys of latex sex. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Esmeralda checks her laptop for the nights booking, reads the text carefully and then smiles. Mister Reynolds is one of her favourite bookings. He is a latex fetishist. Black, and one of the most alpha men she has ever met and though she has never ever seen his face because he is always masked. She knows he is a man of power. However, he is prone to change into an excited adolescent sometimes, depending on the circumstances of the session. His whims on the night are never to be questioned or refused. Do as he wants to his satisfaction and not only are the rewards generous, the sex is amazing too. Now you might think that sex for an escort girl is something to be suffered, not enjoyed; baloney. good sex is great sex and if it is truly fulfilling and passionate, then both parties will gain ultimate satisfaction from the liaison regardless of the arrangements. Esmeralda always gets her satisfaction from the muscular man; his body a testament to male fitness and his huge prick a testament to his sexual prowess. Mr Reynolds is also a master of surprises, no session ever being the same. He will lay out her attire for the evening, allow her time to prepare and then she must ring the little bell outside his special room and she’ll be summoned into his presence and then the evening’s wild entertainment will begin. Entertainment? Of course it is entertainment, it is all entertainment for the man as he watches the various acts she performs, either with toys, or with other women or men. Then, when he’s seen enough, he will take her and fuck her like the demon he is, and with a cock like his who’s to say he isn’t indeed the devil incarnate under that latex mask. “Well, well, well, it seems that I’ll be out late tonight floozie; don’t wait up for me will you?” The only answer is a soft meow but that’s what cats do. Esmeralda strokes the purring animal as she remembers her last assignation with the man. She’d been put through her paces by a dominatrix, a beautiful six foot plus blonde who’d wielded a moulded prick nearly as large as the masters with practised skill and a little venom too. She’d used that thing in Esmeralda’s pussy and arse relentlessly until the man leapt to his feet then buried his own awesome, latex covered, cock-length in Esmeralda’s red-lipped mouth and gestured at her to suck him off. She had done so whilst being ravaged by the dusky amazon, finally chewing on his monster of a thinly covered dick as he finally climaxed with a roar.

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