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Three Crazy Days In Luna Falls




Genres: Erotica


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Luna falls, a small town off the freeway, in Oregon. Never heard of? it? Nor had Tawny when she pulled off the freeway because she wanted to have a little fun. Her companion, Inga didn't want fun, wasn't very happy when she woke up in the passenger seat and got into a filibuster of a struggle to get back on course for Seattle. What happens next? Well let’s just say that Tawny gets her way and goes wild during the stay, she uses up guys one after the other and can’t get enough. Inga, of course is not immune to all this while its going on, and certainly does her bit too, but then , for her, things change a little when she meets someone a little different. A sort of road trip book with a difference, and a story about different relationship in opposition to each other. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


In life, a small seemingly innocuous decision can set in motion a chain of events that are not only unforeseen, but that can change future actions in the most unexpected ways. When Tawny pulls off of Route 84 on a whim and heads toward some, off the main highway small town called Luna Falls, her travelling companion Inga comes awake and then stares at her with wide, incredulous eyes as she realises what has transpired. “Watcha doing?” “I’m horny?” “Huh?” “I need a man. There’s gotta be one here can take care of my business.” “You’re crazy, we ain’t got time for this?” “Always got time for some loving woman. I need it real bad.” “Louis ain’t gonna like this; he’s gonna get mad.” “Fuck Louis, this to Louis,” cries out Tawny, grabbing her cellphone and switching it off before she throws it down onto the floor of the car. “Oh lordy, that’s not good. Look why don’tcher just go frig yourself? Get it out of your damn system?” “Nope, I need some cock. some nice, hard juicy, pussy reaming prick to soothe my aching twat. Frigging one out ain’t gonna do it.” “Damn stupid. You’re gonna jeopardize it all for some guy’s dick? You’re some crazy woman.” “Yeah that’s me, crazy for some cock. Whoooo; here I come guys. Tawny is on the prowl so ladies, lock up your menfolk cos I am one horny for it, crazy, fucking bitch.” “Fucking crazy,” repeats Inga as she turns her head to stare out at the wooded hillsides on either side of the twisting road that they were driving along. Oregon is always like this, tree’s. Trees and mountains with the occasional river crossing to break up the view. Pretty scenery, wild maybe in places, but no place for two girls travelling northwards alone to go exploring. “Turn back, we ain’t got time for this crap.” “Nope, gotta have me some cock, going crazy for it.” Tawny turns up the radio, rock music blasting out as they drive through the forested scenery. It’s loud and is accompanied by Tawny’s screeching singing as she sets her face firmly.

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