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Oh Yes Nurse, That Feels So Good




Genres: Erotica


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What if your nurse could make your dream fantasy come to life When newly trained Nurse Lila reports for duty at the institute on her first day, she finds herself assigned to a far more erotic section, than she had trained for. Has there been a mix up? Undaunted she takes on her first assignment, and finds that her job is to entertain, rich men or women who harbour a nurse sex fetish. Lila is in truth, intrigued by the proposition, and starts a new career in this fantasy world of fantasy and as you might imagine, she is soon embroiled in new sexy delights that completely change her outlook on sexual behaviour. If you've ever fancied a hot nurse during a hospital stay, you'll love reading this The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


It’s my first day at the ‘Libby Thomas Private Care Institution and I’m sitting outside the Head Nurses office, waiting for my days instructions. She calls me into her office, and I’m surprised at the way she is wearing her uniform. Her huge tits are practically bursting out of her short, half-unbuttoned uniform and her blonde hair is long and thick and is piled up on her head. “Good morning Nurse Lila, You’re to go to room eleven. It’s an assisted washing duty. There are four occupants and you’re to attend to them in any way that they wish, and without question. Do you understand? These guest-patients pay very high fees for their stay here and expect extra personal attention of the kind that our regular medical patients don’t receive. Do you understand what I’m saying nurse?” I stare at her, totally uncomprehending her meaning, a blank look on my face. “My dear girl, let me put it a little simpler for you to understand, You strip them naked, wash them all over, paying particular attention to their cocks and balls, If they want a finger in their arses, you do it, If they get a hard-on, you deal with it.” I stare at her in even bigger surprise, I can’t believe what she’s saying, and I didn’t train for four years, in order to satisfy some rich, dirty old man’s sexual needs. Ok, so I’m kinda cute, pretty in an innocent way with long red hair and firm boobs under my nurse’s outfit. I’m no innocent, in fact I love cocks, adore them, love to pull them out of men’s trousers and toss them off, or even better, suck their come out of their balls, but everything in its place, right? I don’t have huge tits like the Head Nurse here, but they are firm and my nipples do get hard quickly, but really; jerk off all those men, no, no, no. “Put this lubricating oil in your pocket; use it if you need too. Oh, and if they want a grope of your tits or arse, you let them have a good feel, without any protest whatsoever Nurse.”

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