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Sex Crazy Office Cucklds




Genres: Erotica


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When the boss's wife gets down to business, no man is spared from her daily advances Molly cuckolds her husband day after day with the office employees of her choice. No holds barred sex from his hot-wife to excite her husband, the company boss, is on order from the man each day as she takes on his well-endowed employee's time after time to sate the man's lust for voyeurism. Office sex as you’ve never read it before with some of the horniest characters. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


When the Boss’s Wife, Molly Macgregor walks into the office, every guy in the room stops work and stands up to greet her. “Good Morning,” they all chorus as she pauses in the doorway, her eyes moving from man to man until they settle on the young post boy, Arnie. ‘Just what I need: a well-built, strapping young man with an ever-ready, hard cock. He’ll do,’ she thinks to herself as she grabs the surprised lad by the lapel of his jacket and then drags him in close for a long lip-mashing kiss. She holds him there for near a minute, her hand searching for his growing prick as the rest of the guys groan as one at their ill luck on this morning and the young man’s good fortune. Her fingers walk, one after the other, up from his tightening balls to the top of his dick and she reaches a count of eight before they feel the swollen head of his big cock. “What’s your name young man?” she purrs in his ear? “Arnie, ….” “Arnie will do just fine my lad, and so will this delicious cock that I can feel growing hard in your trousers. It’s a nice, thick length you have hidden away in there. Do you have a girlfriend then Arnie?” “Yes Ma’am, her name is…..” “Do you fuck her regularly?” “I’ve tried to, but she says I should wait awhile.” “Foolish girl, She doesn’t know what she’s missing. So how would you like to stick this big prick of yours in me then?” she smiles, gripping his balls through his pants as she unbuttons her coat, The lad’s eyes drop from her face and long red hair to her deep cleavage; the skimpy latex dress that she is barely wearing that is indented by her big, jutting nipples. the hem of it only just covering her groin, her long legs ending in a tall heeled pair of ankle boots. Molly is the boss’s hot-wife and loves to put on a hot fuck-show each afternoon for her husband to watch on camera from his office, to get off to each time. He loves to watch his hot sultry wife take on one of his employee’s cocks while his secretary. Julie sucks off his small dick. His cuckolded excitement is elevated even higher if she takes on two or even three huge dicks at the same time. She’s a slutty hot wife, and glories in being so.

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Refunds: No

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