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Reagan, What Girls Want




Genres: Erotica


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Meet Reagan. He’s just a randy cab driver, a regular guy who leads a regular life. Trouble is, girls just see him and want him. He’s a one-man girl-magnet and he can’t say no to their advances. There are some men who scoop up women without even trying. They have a natural ‘devil may care’ attitude that allows life’s problems to swerve around them without touching them directly. Trouble is life’s problems have a habit of finding them out. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


The first time I picked up Maureen, I had just one thought in mind. I wanted her on her back; her long legs spread open as she begged me to do her. My eyes narrowed and my thoughts grew very naughty as she came through the glass door of her apartment block and crossed the small plaza before descending the steps to the car. This tall blonde with a sexy face and a figure that an author might describe as awesomely vivacious, sashayed toward my cab like my sex fantasy come to life. I was out of the car like a shot, every cab driver knows that when you see a sexy woman into your cab you want get a good flash of thigh. I got mine. “Stratheden Mansions; it’s off of Tulse Hill, do you know it?” she says, her voice like flowing treacle. I take a good close up look in the mirror, her eyes meeting mine; I catch them and hold them. She’s so damn hot I’m getting a hard-on. Of course I don’t know it. She hasn’t told me the road, so I just head in that direction around the South Circular while I watch her doing her make-up in the rear view mirror. I do like to watch as a woman does that, especially when her lipstick goes on, it’s so intoxicating. Me? My name’s Tommy Reagan, but everyone calls me Reagan, me too. Not sure why but I like it because it makes me feel good I guess, and the ladies like it because I make them feel good. “Just started on the firm?” she says. “Yeah; last week.” “Like what you see then?” “Too right,” and I’m thinking, fuck, that was fast. “Cost you,” she smiles, and oh what a smile and for a moment I miss the intent in her comment.

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