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The Regency 1, Men, Women And Lust




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A bawdy Regency tale based on the exploits of Mary Bolinbroke and her family during that period. The first in the series. When Mary Bolinbroke first discovered her father’s hidden books she enjoyed them so much that she resolved to write her own stories and to get them published. This then is her first penned work, a tale not only of her own lusty life as a young woman exploring the delights of sexual liaison, but also of the feud between her stepmother, Charlotte and the next door Neighbour, Lady Gormley. I n keeping with the times, licentious behaviour rules in the two houses, all avenues are explored in her story detailing the bawdy happenings that prevailed in this period of time when rude cartoons by such as Thomas Rowlindson were highly collectable and when the strict propriety of marriage was often circumvented by wicked lust. If you like a good historical romp with no holds barred then I’m sure this story will appeal to you, and id Mary were able to look down from on high she would be excited to know that her stories were still being read and enjoyed today. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


I sat down to write this story at what some might, in future times, consider a tender age. I don’t know in what form it might be re-printed or if it is even a success in years to come but this is the first of what I hope will be many more stories, for I am resolved to shelve all thoughts of marriage in return for writing such racy stories for the world to read, in perpetuity. I was introduced to the joys that sexual liaisons can bring some years ago. My music teacher, Robert, being a most handsome man, at first taught me to play piano to the best of his ability, at the piano that my now deceased Mother had once played and at which my Father decided I too should learn to play for some reason best known to himself. My development as a piano player halted after some four months, my development as a lover started at that self-same four months when I decided that I would seduce my Robert so that I could learn far more exciting lessons under his expert guidance than those at which I had virtually no skill. Oh, so much did I learn as he or I played the notes with one hand while exploring each other with the other and the instrument that I was by far best at playing certainly gave me far more pleasure than the keys of that piano. What chances we took as he had me over the piano stool, on the piano stool and sometimes beneath it too. For a year or more I learned that sex, practised cautiously, for no woman needs pregnancy at so young an age, is both fun and exciting, and upon my discovering, as you shall learn, of my father’s hidden French volumes, my curiosity was further still aroused as to the pleasures that new conquests can bring, as well as awakening my later desire to write such stories.

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