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The Regency 2, Maid For Lust




Genres: Erotica


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This is the second book in the Regency series, in which Mary Bolingbroke tells of her introduction to and the subsequent hiring of her future maid and most treasured friend, Tilly. It’s been hard to find this volume but it has finally come into my possession in a most fortunate manner and is now produced here for your enjoyment. As usual, Mary spares little detail in telling of her most surprisingly bawdy escapades during this part of her life. Ribald, humorous and truly licentious, she writes with feeling for those around her and not a little contempt for the kind of man who is easily parted from his silver in return for the service that otherwise would be freely given in any case. a story to be enjoyed at your leisure which is exactly what Mary would have desired. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


It has been quite a few weeks since my return from the pleasant town of Bath and the bawdy fun that occurred there during my stay. I will not go into that since I wrote about it in my first book, for there are other more pressing stories to be recounted. The demise of Lady Gormley at my stepmother Charlotte’s hands now complete; though not her physical demise, I hasten to add. The woman hardly ever dares show her face again in society after so public and most humiliating a display of her true nature, though there is, perhaps, some notoriety to be had from her insatiable performance at the coaching Inn on the much gossiped about, night in question. Of course, such coarse actions could hardly be reported in the newspapers, but the cartoonists have had their happy day with it all, and many bawdy print has changed hands depicting her downfall in, well, let us say a less public manner. But one must still be wary, for a woman scorned, as they say. So, my life has returned to its old ways now I’m back home and I am enjoying the overwhelming, though much appreciated, attentions of Roger Gormley in the most secret of circumstances, of course. Discovery by either family would be a most unwanted surprise indeed, as would revelations about my trysts with Thomas, the well-endowed Blackamore, My Stepmothers charge, purchased you will remember, from some villainous slaver in Bristol Port for her own entertainment. Another of my secret lovers, though and most adept and satisfying a one at that, and then there is her footman Tomkins, whose trusty lance can be called upon when I have a craving to play the flute, so to speak.

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