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The Regency Book 3, Bethany's Lust




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Christmas is nearing and Bethany has at last arrived at Annabella’s London residence to spice up the proceedings. All is now excitement at the approach of the festive season. In this the continuation of Mary Bolingbrokes narrative of her stay in London we find a celebration far more ribald than our tepid modern day fare. Join our precocious trio of ladies, their maids and servants for a Regency Christmas that combines celebration and outright immorality, with new characters to add some extra forbidden spice to the story, revelations before untold and the further unlocking of another door in this house of mysteries. There is some drama too as Cerise is threatened by her previous owner and steps have to be swiftly taken. If you enjoyed the first two volumes I’m sure you will find this latest release just as exciting and entertaining. The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Bethany arrives along with the falling snow. Two gusting maelstroms of surreal beauty at our door near the break of dawn. Her carriage draws up outside Arabella’s town house, the coach door with the Gormley coat of arms flies open and her beautiful, blonde, head pops out as we race outside and then jump up and down with excitement at her arrival. She smiles and my heart races as her eyes find me and that smile grows wider still. I feel my insides dance with delight at the sight of my sweetheart lover. Yes, she had married Lord Gormley, Roger to me, and my former and most ardent lover. Yes, she is his in name and law, but I, like some love-struck disciple of Jane Austen’s recent writings whose elegant prose far outstrips my own more erotic offerings, find a fervour rising up inside me at her long-awaited arrival. No she is not my Heathcliffe. Far too soft and desirable for that to be a comparison. She is my confidant, my friend, my lover, my heartache; my world, even at this moment in time, and I, just like one of Austen’s dewy-eyed young ladies run down the steps and into my love’s arms as she gracefully alights down the carriage steps. “Mary,” she cries, and her arms fly out, close around me and hug me tight as I tremble within her warm embrace. Her white-fur pelisse with its high collar causing me to sneeze as it tickles my nose for a moment. “Bethany,” I whisper into her neck, as my lips nuzzle her pale skin and my body shivers. Not from the cold, nor from the snowflakes that fall around us in the gusting wind, but from the desire that suddenly overwhelms me at this passionate moment. Our soft lips meet and grind together. No chaste kiss of greeting but rather a lover’s melding of mouths and souls enmeshed for this wonderful moment in time. and how I so want it to be our bodies too.

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