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Sex Crazy Resort, Book 1




Genres: Erotica



Refunds Allowed:No


Imagine a holiday resort hidden away somewhere in the USA where anything goes. Got it? Now enter that world with Cindy and her two brothers. Placed there by their parents, when they need somewhere to stay, this Pandora's box of sexual freedom opens their eyes toa new lifestyle One of my new Erotic writes that goes further than before. Are you ready to enter? The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


Me and my Brother Tony’ he’s quite a bit younger than my 22 years, are awakened by Cindy’s cheerleader chant, though you won’t hear anything like this out on the field. “Rah, rah, I love cock, so why don’tcher show me what you got.” She repeats this ditty over and over as we stare at her from our beds. She’s not in her High School cheer outfit though, just a pair of tight, ass-hugging yoga pants, and a little vest top that shows off both of her firm, hard-nippled tits magnificently, and trainers. I have to admit that the sexy minx has the kind of cock raising figure that most guys would jerk off over, but we don’t have to because Cindy likes to do it for us. Yep, the horny, blonde slut is sending out one of her regular, early morning alerts again. She’s on the prowl and knows we won’t ever refuse her. Cindy is not our real Sister. She was kind of rescued from her woeful street existence at the age of fourteen, and it was only when Pops took her in, and with the dirt and her old clothes discarded, she turned into every teenage boy’s fuck fantasy, yes even at that age. As she and we grew up, Cindy kind of accepted our open sex, lifestyle, indeed, she took it much further. Sex every morning, and most other times became her passion. Throwing back the duvet, her eyes quickly settle on my stiff, piss-proud cock; not surprising really since some genetic quirk has blessed both of us boys with eight-inches of hard male flesh. Tony does the same so that the staring girl is suddenly spoilt for choice. “Fuck boys, would you look at them big ol’ dicks? A girl might wonder at being so lucky as to have such big toys to play with every day,” she grin’s and then crawls across the floor to our beds, spins around between us to sit on her cute rear, her slim hands reaching out to close around each of our erect, throbbing cocks. Now it feels real good when your dicks standing up and hard that there’s nothing better than a hand closed around it, except for a hot, tight pussy, of course.

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Refunds: No

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